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fei    wang fei fei    sun jian    iyl    
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fei    sun jian    perhaps love    iyl    
wang fei fei    miss a    iyl    perhaps love    
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Korean Music Wave in Beijing in October Press Conference and ALL ARTISTS^^

miss A @ 1:51

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Hi guys! Just wanted to tell you that I will be absent from 22/7 to 24/7 and then from 28/7 to 4/8. And… Yeah. That’s it.
Have a good day!

[ENG SUB/FULL] Running Man EP205 with miss A Fei etc. (for other versions go here)

fei    wang fei fei    wang feifei    miss a    tvshow    running man    sbs    baek jiyoung    
fei    wang feifei    miss a    iyl    perhaps love    
fei    miss a    sun jian    iyl    perhaps love    
fei    wang feifei    miss a    sun jian    iyl    perhaps love    
fei    wang fei fei    sun jian    iyl    perhaps love